How It Works

A 50/50 NET Revenue Share For All TVOD Rentals And Purchases From Your Site(s) And Your Films Featured On Our Premiere Streaming Platform

Everyone knows that DVD’s are going the way of the dinosaur. Video streaming is the future of distribution but requires complex infrastructure and software to make it work. That’s why we have built our robust video content management and streaming platform with our transactional point of sale embeddable video player to provide an easy an secure digital distribution system for your films. By incorporating the streaming and secure payment system into our media player code you can instantly turn your website, film promotion site(s) and partner sites into instant video on demand revenue generators as well as having your films promoted on and through our social media channels and partners.

It’s a simple process, once you are signed up you simply upload your films, trailers and artwork to our secure client backend and we convert your films in multiple passes into the HLS Adaptive Bitrate format necessary to make your films stream over various connection speeds.

This is a one time conversion process necessary to make your films work with streaming. This streaming format adjusts based on the speed and device of the end user so that your movies always play at the best quality given the device and connection speed.

We then setup the trailer preview and paywall for your media player for your website and film site(s)

We upload your artwork and trailers, set the pricing for Rental’s or Purchase and configure your embeddable media player for setup on your existing website or film promotion site(s).

We work with you or your web designer to get the media player setup and installed on your website(s).

Included in the licensing fee is time for our support team to work with you or your web designer to get the media player code properly setup and installed on a website of your choice. This process includes knowledge transfer so you can easily repeat this process on your additional film promotion sites, partner sites etc.  Deployment of our media players is as easy as cutting and pasting a few lines of code into any website or blog and is as easy as embedding a YouTube video. By multiplying players to review sites, blogs, church sites, etc. you increase point of access and potential for passive revenue streams.

Have your films featured on our premiere on demand streaming site.

In addition to having your own streaming site(s) also have your films featured and promoted on our streaming site.  Increase your revenue and access to new audiences as we promote your films from our streaming website and through our social media channels and partnerships.

We create a SEO optimized landing page for your films with links to IMDB and with social media sharing features on